Brennan Hill


Brennan's deep bond with Haiti took root in 2017, during her first transformative visit to the vibrant country. This experience sparked an intense passion within her for Haiti's rich culture, resilient people, and the profound sense of community embedded in its soil. Her commitment extends beyond her affection for the place; it's a testament to her unwavering dedication to aid in the country's rejuvenation.

Brennan plays a pivotal role at Grown in Haiti, working relentlessly to ensure the smooth transportation of essential supplies from the United States. Her global pursuits to collect seeds are not just acts of ecological preservation but symbolize her personal mission to foster growth in a land grappling with depletion.

Brennan's contributions to Grown in Haiti are invaluable, infused with her unique blend of global perspective and local understanding. She envisions a future deeply entwined with Haiti, intending to retire amidst the very growth she nurtures. With each seed she sows, Brennan is not only reforesting the land, but she's also planting deep roots of her own, as part of the vibrant tapestry that is Grown in Haiti./p>