Paula Hyppolite


Paula Hyppolite, a beacon of creativity and positivity, is an artist with a heart rooted in change. After spending 25 years in the United States, she felt the call of her homeland and returned to Haiti in 1997. Driven by love and a thirst for awareness and knowledge, she set her sights on using art to inspire positive transformation.

"Art holds the power to revolutionize lives," Paula asserts. For her, the canvas of creativity extends beyond the gallery walls; it stretches into the everyday lives of people, into their understanding of their environment, and into the realization of their potential to lead.

In 2003, Paula, along with APJ CEO David Belle, gave life to the Jacmel Film Festival. The event quickly illuminated an untapped desire: audiences were eager for local films that celebrated Haitian culture. This inspired Paula to amplify Haiti's voice in the world of cinema.

After 12 years leading The Artists Institute of Jacmel, a new opportunity beckoned. She teamed up with her son, Sidney Etienne, to co-found Grown in Haiti. Their aim: to empower the community towards a vision of a greener Haiti. Through innovative education programs such as film screenings and seminars, they address topics ranging from regenerative agricultural practices to climate change mitigation strategies.

Paula’s indomitable spirit continues to be an inspiration and testament to the transformative power of creativity, insight, and education. She is a living embodiment of the possibility that arises when we unlock these forces for positive change..