Sadaf Padder

Lead Fundraiser

Brooklyn-based Sadaf Padder is an independent curator, writer, and art dealer who believes in the power of creativity to connect communities. After nearly a decade of shaping young minds as a Dean of Students, Sadaf decided to chart a new path where the worlds of art and community intersect.

She is the dynamo behind Alpha Arts Alliance (A3), a multi-disciplinary collective that aims to bridge the gap between creatives and opportunities, as well as collectors. This hyperlocal initiative is a testament to Sadaf's vision of an interconnected artistic community that thrives on collaboration and shared success.

A philanthropist at heart, Sadaf ties her success to the development of young artists. A designated portion of all proceeds from A3's sales and events directly support youth arts programming in Brooklyn and Haiti. This commitment allows her to nurture the next generation of creative minds while also contributing to the vibrant tapestry of these communities.

Sadaf Padder: A creative force, a community builder, and a beacon for aspiring artists. She's not just making a living; she's making a difference.