Sidney-Max Etienne


Sidney-Max Etienne wears many hats – a regenerative farmer, an impassioned community activist, and a gifted artist. Alongside Yi Liu and his nurturing mother, Paula Hyppolite, Sidney-Max sowed the seeds of 'Grown in Haiti' in 2014, with a vision of nurturing both the ecological and communal health of his homeland.

Born in the tranquil coastal town of Petite Goave, Sidney-Max’s earliest memories were intertwined with the nature that surrounded him. The family farm in Miragoane became his classroom, where he learned to identify plants and grasp the rhythm of nature.

Venturing beyond Haiti's borders, Sidney-Max pursued Visual Communications in the bustling metropolis of New York City. Here, he carved a flourishing career in photography and graphic design, capturing life's beauty through his creative lens.

However, the call of his homeland was too powerful to resist. Returning to Haiti, Sidney-Max has committed to channeling his energy into empowering his people and rejuvenating the land that holds his roots.

His vision for 'Grown in Haiti' is ambitious yet grounded. Sidney-Max aims to equip his fellow Haitians with the knowledge and skills that will allow them to reclaim their autonomy, strengthening their communities, and nurturing their environment.

Embodying his passion for his people and his nation, Sidney-Max lives by the motto: Ayisyen Pou Ayiti (Haitians For Haiti)!