Yi Liu


Yi Liu is a woman of many passions. A former physical therapy assistant, an enthusiastic cook, and an environmental advocate, she co-founded 'Grown in Haiti' with a desire to unite her love for nutritious food and sustainable living.

With every meal she prepares, Yi believes in the power of food, not just as sustenance but as a way to connect with the earth. This understanding has fueled her drive to learn and share the best methods of growing food sustainably, and regenerating the environment.

Her vision for a good life is one that is harmoniously balanced with nature. She firmly believes that every choice we make, from the food we eat to the plants we grow, should nourish our bodies and souls while being kind to our planet.

In her eyes, plants are more than just greenery. They are the silent caretakers of our planet, purifying our air, providing respite from the heat, and adding a dash of beauty to our everyday life. Yi's mission is to inspire others to appreciate the simple joys that nature offers and to make choices that are good for the earth, and our wellbeing.

Her ethos in a nutshell – Eat, Grow, Love!