Our Roots, Our Vision Cultivating Prosperity in Haiti

Founded by Sidney-Max Etienne, Grown in Haiti is at the forefront of ecological sustainability and community empowerment in Haiti. Rooted in the community, our efforts range from establishing nurseries and water systems to providing emergency aid and educational scholarships. We are committed to equipping future generations with knowledge and resources, ensuring they cultivate a prosperous, self-reliant community. Our journey is marked by a deep connection with the land and a relentless pursuit of growth and resilience.

Grown in Haiti champions a future where communities and nature thrive in harmony. Since our inception in 2014, we’ve been dedicated to empowering Haitian communities through sustainable and regenerative agricultural practices. We have transformed landscapes with over 10,000 fruit-bearing trees, restored soil health, and enhanced biodiversity. Our initiatives extend beyond agriculture, focusing on education and community resilience. We aim to continue expanding our reach, nurturing self-sufficiency, and fostering ecological stewardship in Haiti.

Core values

1. Community Empowerment: We believe in empowering communities to become self-reliant stewards of their environment.

2. Sustainable Practices: Our commitment to regenerative and syntropic agroforestry practices fosters harmony with the natural landscape.

3. Education for All: We prioritize accessible education, from scholarships to practical workshops, ensuring informed and connected communities.

4. Adaptive Resilience: Our approach is rooted in observing, adapting, and responding to the unique needs of our environment and people.

5. Heart-Driven Leadership: Guided by a deep love for Haiti, we lead with compassion, seeking to empower as many as we can.

Key Achievements

• Restored soil health and biodiversity through the distribution of over 10,000 fruit-bearing trees.

• Established community nurseries and water cisterns, enhancing local ecological systems.

• Provided emergency aid and scholarships, supporting community resilience.

• Conducted regenerative agroforestry workshops and published a guidebook in Haitian Creole.

Future Goals

• Complete the community learning center by end of 2024.

• Initiate community kitchen and post-processing center for educational and nutritional support.

• Implement a water purification center for accessible clean drinking water.

• Expand educational outreach to empower more individuals in sustainable land stewardship.

Our Dedicated Team

Meet the heart of Grown in Haiti - a diverse team united by a passion for ecological sustainability and community empowerment. Our skilled members bring a wealth of knowledge and dedication, driving forward our mission with creativity and resilience. Discover the people behind our impactful projects and initiatives.

Yi Liu

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Sidney-Max Etienne

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Paula Hyppolite

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Sadaf Padder

Lead Fundraiser
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Brennan Hill

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Collaborative Partners

At Grown in Haiti, we are honored to collaborate with like-minded organizations and initiatives that are instrumental in achieving our shared goals of ecological sustainability and community development. Our partners, with their expertise and support, play a pivotal role in amplifying our impact and reaching broader horizons for a greener Haiti.

Haiti National Trust

Haiti National Trust is committed to preserving Haiti's natural beauty for future generations. They focus on identifying and protecting biodiversity hotspots, creating parks, and implementing long-term conservation strategies in Haiti.

Global Climate Pledge

The Global Climate Pledge represents a new, dynamic movement for climate action, bringing people together to build a promising future through positive, actionable steps towards environmental preservation.

Green Check is a nonprofit organization dedicated to climate action, supporting community-led initiatives in Southeast Asia and Latin America with donations, networking, and capacity building.

Alpha Arts Alliance

Alpha Arts Alliance advocates for social justice, mental health, and environmentalism through contemporary art. They represent artists of global majority, focusing on South Asian women's perspectives and community activism.

Global Freedom Project

Global Freedom Project emphasizes sustainable solutions for empowering the poorest communities. Their approach is to create successful projects that build confidence and make their presence a stepping stone towards self-sufficiency.

Banane Foods

Shaelle Etienne’s Banane Foods offers resources like the Yoga Salitasyon Soley coloring book, designed to provide a bilingual guide to yoga and mindfulness, promoting physical and mental well-being.

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