AgriNatif: Pioneering Regenerative Agroforestry in Haiti

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Meet AgriNatif, a dynamic team of Haitian farmers and gardeners revolutionizing the way we grow food in Haiti. By implementing regenerative agroforestry practices, they're restoring soil health, increasing farmer income, and providing nutritious, healthy food for the community. Their vision: a greener, more resilient Haiti combating food insecurity and climate change.

At the heart of AgriNatif's mission is working with nature, crafting a sustainable food system that benefits both people and the environment. Their recent efforts include planting a diverse selection of trees such as jackfruit, acerola cherries, coffee, cacao, sapote, soursops, starfruits, and native hardwoods. By focusing on soil health and utilizing sustainable methods, they're cultivating a biodiverse ecosystem better equipped to withstand climate change impacts.

But AgriNatif's aspirations go beyond farming. They're passionate about fostering a community where individuals can come together to learn about agriculture and sustainability through hands-on experiences. Their goal: to empower a new generation of environmentally-conscious farmers and gardeners committed to reversing desertification and reviving Haiti's soil.

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Be part of the movement, be part of the change. Together, we can create a more sustainable, biodiverse world.