Empowering the Next Generation for a Greener Future

At Grown in Haiti, we firmly believe that children are the future caretakers of our world. It is crucial not only to teach them 'how to' protect the environment, but also 'why' it's essential to invest in our planet's future.

By providing opportunities for our community to recognize environmental challenges and understand their role in addressing these issues, we can inspire change. When children learn to respect and care for their environment and the wildlife within it from a young age, they contribute to its preservation for future generations.

Jacquelin, a young member of our community, stands out as an exceptional example of the impact of environmental education. He was among the first to harvest from a tree he had planted using saplings from our nursery. His unwavering dedication to tree care and his pride in showing off his first jackfruit harvest demonstrate what patience and care can achieve.

Together, we can empower the next generation to build a greener, more sustainable future.