Our community is showing GROWTH!

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No matter how we look at it, children are the future caretakers of our our world. It is important to not only teach 'how to" but also 'why' it is important to protect our environment and invest in the future of not only ourselves, but our planet.

We try to give our community the opportunity to recognize the environmental problems and what role they can play in not only preventing but addressing these concerns. If children learn to respect and care for the environment that they're apart of and the wildlife within it from a young age they will help to preserve it for the next generation.

Jacquelin is one of the first in our community to harvest from a tree taken from our nursery and has been the most motivated to care for the trees that he's planted. He was so proud to show off the first jackfruit! Fine example in our community of what a bit of patience and care can provide.