From Seed to Success: Fostering Sustainable Livelihoods Through Fruit Exchanges

We are proud to witness the tangible results of our regenerative agriculture efforts. One such success story unfolded when a once elusive jackfruit made its way to the fruit market on the road to Jacmel. This accomplishment stemmed from a fruit exchange that took place years ago between Grown in Haiti and a local vendor.

The vendor provided us with a rare variety of passion fruit, and in return, we shared some jackfruit saplings with her. This simple act of collaboration and knowledge-sharing laid the foundation for a more diverse and sustainable local economy.

Years later, we were delighted to discover that the jackfruit saplings we shared had flourished, and the vendor now proudly displays the fruits of her labor at her stand. This heartwarming story demonstrates the power of cooperation, knowledge-sharing, and regenerative agriculture in fostering sustainable livelihoods and enriching local communities.

As Grown in Haiti continues to promote ecological health and sustainability, we hope to create more stories like this, where the fruits of our collective efforts contribute to a brighter and greener future.