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Can't get your hands dirty? We're happy to do it for you! For every dollar donated, one tree is planted in Haiti.


Many hands make light work! Create a personal fundraiser with the help of friends, family and coworkers.

Plant a tree

Starting in your own backyard is an effective way of creating a positive impact in your immediate environment.


We welcome anyone motivated and looking to make a difference with some hands on experience within our community.

Share seeds

Have some fruit tree seeds you'd care to see us grow or care to share seeds for our seed library? Send us a message.


Growth and learning opportunities are always welcomed, please share some helpful tips and advice with us.

One dollar = One tree

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Grown in Haiti started its reforestation efforts in 2014 with a small nursery of tropical fruit trees to replenish all that we're losing as well as to add to the variety that already exists here.

We are not affiliated with any NGO or what people typically refer to as a "non-profit organization." We are just simple people who care for Haiti's rapidily disappearing ecosystem and the welfare of it's people. It is up to us to take on the personal responsibilty to be better caretakers of our environment and our communities . . . read more


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" I have been searching for the proper place to donate for years! This is just a small start but I really believe the work that Grown in Haiti is doing is amazing!!! Let's spend more time restoring nature and helping others!!! I hope to help in person much sooner than later!. "

Dennis B. / @theamericanace

" An oasis of abundance and happiness where time doesn't seem to exist and all of your troubles blow away with the wind. Soil is so fertile that it's impossible not to flourish. My visits to Haiti will forever be a part of the reason I am the man I am today. "

Mike Baca / @2esae

" It was a pleasure to be guided by those with the humility to always be inquisitive, to ask far and wide for answers and have the wisdom to synthesize, innovate and take chances. "

Marcel G. / @athrazhur


We couldn't do this without the support of our amazing partners. A huge thank you to these businesses for forming partnerships to support our work and demonstrate their commitment to the environment by planting trees in Haiti.

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Are you enthusiastic about working outdoors while making a direct impact? Then volunteering is perfect for you! @fanmmon


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